Day: <span>April 10, 2021</span>
Day: April 10, 2021

Getting Botox For The First Time

What To Expect

If you were ever thinking about doing a cosmetic procedure, you want to make sure you are in good hands. You will achieve this if you go to a place where doctors work rather than estheticians, especially if the treatment you want is something more complex. This time we are talking about botox and some things you should know before getting it for the first time.

You should do thorough research if you choose Medical Spa Memphis because you want to make sure they are the right choice for you. You should know there is no right or wrong time to start with Botox because you can only use smaller amounts to get the desired effect. Before actually scheduling a procedure, you should do a consult with the doctor so they can tell you everything about it, check your medical history, and explain the procedure.

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The good thing about it is that it doesn’t take long, and together with the consultation, you can be out of the office in an hour. It is important to know about aftercare. You should ice the area for about 5 to 10 minutes to prevent any swelling or bruising. Something that the expert from Medical Spa Memphis will also tell you is not to expect the results right away. It will be at least a few days until you see the change.

Getting Botox is a pretty routine procedure that you can do during your lunch break. However, you should carefully consider who you are going to and do the most basic research because it will help you know what to expect.